Now it is easy to boot and run linux from a pen drive.But it requires a
1.1GB pen drive
3.USBDSL.ZIP file.
These are the requirements for booting and running linux from a pen drive.
The main advantages of running of linux from a pen drive is as follows:
1:It enables to run linux on any computer you like that can run from a flash drive.
2:IT allows you to carry online mails,settings,favorites and many more with you.
3:You can carry it anywhere and run on any system that supports usb.
Now comes to running Linux on a computer or pc
1:Format your usb pen drive using HP usb format tool
2:Download from internet.It is a mini linux called dammn small linux
3:Extract the contents of USBDSL.ZIP contents into your usb pen drive and
4:browse to your pen drive and click on "MAKEBOOT.exe".
5:Follow the instructions on the screen.
6:Reboot your computer and set your BIOS to boot from USB-HDD or USB-ZIP,
also set the boot priority if necessary.

<1>The necessary point is when your mother board doesnot support usb boot feature then you will not be able to boot linux from usb drive.
<2>your system should support .NET FRAMEWORK

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