use pendrive as RAM (Random Access Memory) for your system

  • Windows Vista hit the market on Jan 30 and with it brought out some cool new features and system optimization way developed by Microsoft especially for it. One of the most important and the most talked feature of Vista is its ability to use a Pen Drive as a RAM and is called "Ready Boost" feature in Vista, thus increasing your system memory and the performance enhancement was incredible.

    So, what you need to increase your system memory in Vista is not a RAM but a Fast USB Pen Drive. Notice the word Fast as this is a special USB Pen Drive that is faster than normal Pen Drives but remember that every pen drive is slower than the RAM, however the increase in performance is significant. Ok, what all of you might be asking me is how do we know if my pen drive is a "Ready Boost" compatible pen drive. Don't worry, just look at the following list and find your pen drive, if it's there it's Bingo for you, if it's not just go and buy it from the market.

    Now lets move on to the next part and see how really you can make your pen drive to work as a RAM. The process is actually simple and you really don't need to have some expertise knowledge of Vista, just the basic will do.

    Insert your Pen Drive into the USB port.
    1: In the "Autoplay" dialog box, click on the option "Speed Up my system".
    2: Windows Vista will test your stick and it will open the properties of the removable device. In the "Ready Boost"tab, activate the "Use this device" option.
    3: Adjust the slider and set the memory size for Ready Boost which should be at least your current system memory and can go at most two and a half times of your memory.
    Just click "OK" and you are done.
    4: Vista will simply reserve some memory space for itself whenever you boot into Vista and will delete all the files and free up the used space on your Pen Drive when the computer shuts down.

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