Why some gamers prefer gaming laptops than gaming consoles like Xbox and PS3

Gaming laptops are costly than gaming consoles but this didn't stop gamers to get one even if they are costly. Gaming consoles like Xbox 360 and Sony PS3 are dedicated for games. Unlike gaming consoles where you have dedicated hardware and software inside them, gaming laptops don't. You can use for any work, if you want to watch movies in HD you can and if you want to work on you can. Gaming laptops are so powerful that you can compare them to high end desktops. You will get doubt that why pay more for gaming workstations when you get gaming consoles like XBOX 360 and PS3 you are right here. Go through the advantages with gaming notebooks over consoles:
  • Now-a-days laptops will have dedicated graphics card like gaming consoles so no worry playing high end games that require more graphics. 
  • You can play both PC games and dedicated high end console games in gaming laptops but you can't do that in play station or xbox.
  • You can update your hardware according to your needs in gaming notebooks where as you should replace current console if you want to update the hardware. See how flexible gaming notebooks are.
  • Many argue that the gaming experience in laptops are not good as gaming consoles who said that you can experience the same in gaming notebooks. For example, take Alienware from Dell the gaming experience is the best of its class and you can play any game in it.
  • Now you get more powerful hardware with gaming laptops so its multipurpose and gaming consoles are single purpose.
  • You can carry your laptop any where but when comes to console they are some what big and need a separate monitor or LCD/LED/PLASMA TV.
Although you should pour some thousands of dollars for gaming laptops still they worth it.

found problems in registry file extension, Here fix your registry problems with a single mouse click

There are several factors that contribute that reduce the performance of you computer mainly due to registry file conflicts.Registry conflicts mainly occur due to constant install/uninstall of softwares from your computer. Another reason behind this would be due to adding or removing computer hardware and change in computer settings.
Any slight change in computer hardware or software may affect the registry file extension and constantly changing these can result in computer crash or huge conflicts in registry and will display an error message like "Registry file extension  remains unchanged while opening a file". This will slow down your pc because the registry which stores the information of the application program for file mapping is left with conflicts.
So, to ensure your computer registry is not left with conflict make sure to scan the registry for error once a day. You are not doing any manual work and the registry cleaners work automatically to solve the registry problems with a single mouse click and even you can run these applications on background. There are free registry cleaners available for download and perform free scan with them. Here is the link to download free registry cleaner . 

latest digi cam from nikon - Nikon AF-S Nikkor 35mm 1:1.8G D

          Nikon is known for its specialization in optics and imaging ,one of the top most manufactures in digital camera segment have now released its new digi cam Nikon AF-S Nikkor 35mm 1:1.8G D. Nikon used latest lens AF-S Nikkor 35mm F1.8G DXD in its new Digi cam. This camera is updated with 35mm lens with built in autofocus motor.
          In latest Nikon Digital camera , the latest lens It is easy to shoot in conditions like low light while keeping the shutters speed at very high. The "Silent wave motor" in this cam allows autofocus on all of Nikon's DSLR bodies. If you want to focus manually in AF mode, you can. In previous version the lens is not compatible with FX format so the company have made this new updated 35mm lens which is smaller,cheaper and lighter which offers full coverage of FX image circle. Don't think this means it is compatible with Fx format. The lens is an inexpensive and largely targeted for entry-level series. 
          Coming to the highlighted features of this digi cam, the lens is of 35mm focal length with fast F1.8 maximum aperture.Cams Silent Wave Motor allows autofocusing on all Nikon DSLRs.

           Format         :          DX
           Focal Length :          35 MM
           Angle View   :          47 degrees
           Aperture      :          F1.8
           Aperture      :          F22
           weight         :          210g
           magnification :          0.16px
           Method        :          Internal Focus
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Downloading drivers for your system's latest peripherals will never be easy with out driverssoftware website


 In case either if you want to upgrade or downgrade to a new operating system you will need new system drivers . For example consider if your system is presently running on Microsoft Windows Vista and you want to downgrade to Windows XP, then you need to install drivers that are compatible to the new operating system means you should install drivers compatible with windows XP. You can download it from Your system's Motherboard manufacturer or can install from CD-ROM if the manufacturer provides you one. But these are risky jobs, In my view simple job by which you can download these drivers is from websites that provide you with all drivers. One such website is Driverssoftware.com .


Driverssoftware website is hosted with over 3,00,000 from 3000 companies from which you can download latest drivers for your peripherals. You have a choice of over 3000 companies to choose from to download the drivers for your peripherals. 


It can be difficult to find Hp drivers , Dell drivers by browsing through their websites. So, why waste your time in finding them on the company websites when you have them on Driversoftware.com .

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