latest software gadget- windows 7 operating system from microsoft to boot faster than previous versions windows vista

latest gadget-windows 7 operating system

latest gadget-windows 7 to boot faster than vista.

Windows 7 operating system will be the latest gadget to be released from Microsoft.But before the release of windows 7 operating system there are rumors that the new operating system will boot faster than the previous windows release Windows vista.
              Many sources said that Microsoft is working on Windows 7 to make it boot faster approximately in 15 seconds and they are working also on what should happen after those 15 seconds. It is much faster than windows vista.
              From a customer poll for improvement program on windows vista collects statistics like 
35% of windows vista service pack 1 systems boot in less than 30 seconds while remaining 65% boot below 50 seconds.

Apple sold 8 million iPhones

Apple sold 8 million iphones

Apple's CEO Steve Jobs wants to sell 10 million iPhones this year, already 8 million iphone's has hit the market and users has grabbed them. But still 4 months to go for the  end of this year (2008) . Investor Village's sanity board and AFB claims that Apple has already sold 8 million iphones.
We should see whether the Dream of Steve Jobs will be like a dream or become true.
The project taken by AFB and Investor's Village's sanity  has done this in the following way.They records IMEI numbers of evey iPhone sold on a spread sheet.According to the data stored in spread sheet, they confirmed that 5,649,000 iphone 3G have been sold, the remaining 2.4 million iphones have already been sold this year.

Totally 8 million iphones have been sold. I think another 2 million would be possible in the next 4 months.

latest gadget-Google Chrome is atlast released on september 2008

latest gadget-Google chrome released

latest gadget-Google chrome is atlast released

Many websurfers are waiting for google new free open source browser google chrome.
Google has released its new open source browser Chrome on September 2008. The screen shot of Google chrome looks like above.

I have used Google Chrome by downloading from Google's website. I think the choice of downloading Chrome is better idea. It is a open source browser.

When we open the browser it loads fast compared to other browsers like Firefox,IE7. Then webpages are loaded fast. Google Chrome is light weight, it downloads files fast, Easy to use and its open source so you can expect more.

I think using Google Chrome is a great experiance. Its looking stylish also. This browser have entered into the competition with the present browsers like Firefox,IE7,Netscape,Safari. Chrome will get popular in a few days.

Disabilities or bugs are not discovered till now. But Some one will find a bug.

latest gadget-MiTAC launches the MiTAC MiStation netbook at IFA in Berlin

latest gadget-Mitac mistation

latest gadget mitac mistation

Now many companies are producing netbooks. But i think they can be more popular in future. Here is a brief about Netbook.


Intel re-introduced Netbook in February 2008. Netbook is categorized as low cost,small sized, optimized for core computing functions like wordprocessing, internet access. They are light weight also.  Industry experts have estimated that over 50 million netbooks will be circulated by 2011.
Netbooks are laptops but small laptops intended for internet access and wireless communication and core computing functions.
more about netbooks will be at

MiStation Netbook:-

I think you understand what are netbooks.
MiStation Netbook is introduced by MiTAC. As many companies want to show their electronic goods at IFA, MiTAC Netbook is also introduced at IFA Berlin. 
The features of MiTAC Netbook includes:

  • Intel 1.6 GHZ Atom Processor.

  • 8.9 inch screen.

  • Three USB 3.0 Posts.

  • 1.3 MegaPixel Webcam.

  • SD Card Slot

  • VGA output

  • Wi-Fi

  • Bluetooth

  • Operating system with Linux or Windows XP

  • 60GB Hard drive or 20Gb SSD

  • Built-in GPS

This Netbook costs $560 with Linux version and 60GB hard drive, 20 GB SSD model for $960