found problems in registry file extension, Here fix your registry problems with a single mouse click

There are several factors that contribute that reduce the performance of you computer mainly due to registry file conflicts.Registry conflicts mainly occur due to constant install/uninstall of softwares from your computer. Another reason behind this would be due to adding or removing computer hardware and change in computer settings.
Any slight change in computer hardware or software may affect the registry file extension and constantly changing these can result in computer crash or huge conflicts in registry and will display an error message like "Registry file extension  remains unchanged while opening a file". This will slow down your pc because the registry which stores the information of the application program for file mapping is left with conflicts.
So, to ensure your computer registry is not left with conflict make sure to scan the registry for error once a day. You are not doing any manual work and the registry cleaners work automatically to solve the registry problems with a single mouse click and even you can run these applications on background. There are free registry cleaners available for download and perform free scan with them. Here is the link to download free registry cleaner .