Why some gamers prefer gaming laptops than gaming consoles like Xbox and PS3

Gaming laptops are costly than gaming consoles but this didn't stop gamers to get one even if they are costly. Gaming consoles like Xbox 360 and Sony PS3 are dedicated for games. Unlike gaming consoles where you have dedicated hardware and software inside them, gaming laptops don't. You can use for any work, if you want to watch movies in HD you can and if you want to work on you can. Gaming laptops are so powerful that you can compare them to high end desktops. You will get doubt that why pay more for gaming workstations when you get gaming consoles like XBOX 360 and PS3 you are right here. Go through the advantages with gaming notebooks over consoles:
  • Now-a-days laptops will have dedicated graphics card like gaming consoles so no worry playing high end games that require more graphics. 
  • You can play both PC games and dedicated high end console games in gaming laptops but you can't do that in play station or xbox.
  • You can update your hardware according to your needs in gaming notebooks where as you should replace current console if you want to update the hardware. See how flexible gaming notebooks are.
  • Many argue that the gaming experience in laptops are not good as gaming consoles who said that you can experience the same in gaming notebooks. For example, take Alienware from Dell the gaming experience is the best of its class and you can play any game in it.
  • Now you get more powerful hardware with gaming laptops so its multipurpose and gaming consoles are single purpose.
  • You can carry your laptop any where but when comes to console they are some what big and need a separate monitor or LCD/LED/PLASMA TV.
Although you should pour some thousands of dollars for gaming laptops still they worth it.