Building your blog

1:Before building your blog you should keep the following in mind:

Before starting a blog you must think , Is "Blogging is right for you". There are any factors you should consider for this and it is the first step for becoming a successful blogger. The factors include:

a}Become a good surfer of internet

A good blogger will surf the internet. you should do the same so that you can view other blogs,websites and you will know how to write articles and how to attract visitors to become your blog subscribers.

b}Teach yourself to improve english skills

Learn how to write the posts to attract visitors.

2:Choosing a right Blogging software

There are many blogging softwares, Some are free and some cost you.You should choose which one best suites your need. Choose from one of the softwares:


If you want a free blog, you can get it from wordpress.They will give you hosting and a subdomain like .. But you cannot place advertaising on this free blog, you can't upload new plugins or themes,widgets. If you want all these features, then you should buy webspace and install wordpress software which is free and is available at .


Blogger is a free software and easy to write posts in it.Many websites are offering free blogger templates and you can choose from them.You are given many widgets in blogger.Easy to use all of them. You can also include your domain name than using .You can also place google adsense advertaising ads directly.


Unlike other blogging software TypePad is not free.You have to pay money for using it and they provide the hosting for your blog.



You can choose blogger if you want free blog with all features. If you want great blogging experiance and you can spend money for hosting and domain, then choose worpress although free wordpress is there only you can express feelings in your blog not more than that.

How to make a great blog and turn your blog into money making machine

Either if you are a serious blogger or writing posts for fun, you should follow these tips, tricks and hints to achieve your feet in blogging . If you follow these blogging hints you will definitely enhance your blogs design, readability and increase earning potential of your blog . Now-a-days infinite blogs are evolving and when i go through some blogs, I find very uneasy reading their blogs and they even don't get their website listed in search engines with good rank even if they website age is old. So, don't fall into this category of blogger. Every blogger want to increase their blog in search engine listings and get quality traffic to their blog, So that they can earn more money. If you are a blogger you are thinking like this, Isn't it. I will start from building your blog and continue to the topics like search engine listings, Search engine optimization, driving traffic to your blog, Monetize your blog. The important steps you have to follow:

  • Building blog

  • Writing posts

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Driving traffic

  • Using social bootmarking sites to drive traffic to your website

  • Increasing your blog's subscribers

  • Listing your blog in Blog Directories

  • Participating in Blog Contests

  • Participating in Forums

  • monetize your blog

Microsoft buys for $486 million

After disappointment of the $49 billion yahoo auction, Microsoft has bought for $486 million to boost its Internet search and e-commerce in Europe.
Ciao is know for online surveys. Ciao will take online surveys from customers and sell it's result to the online researchers. Ciao has built its customer community based on intuitive technology as well as extensive merchant relationships.
Microsoft thinks that this acqasition can benifit its Live Search platform. Internet search is dominated by google with a stake of 62% in global search market and in Europe with 79%. But Microsoft has 2% stake in European market and 9% around the world.
Ciao is offering advice on purchases mainly in consumer electronics and encourages users to join a network of shopping experts to share opinions. It makes its revenues from merchant referrals ,e-commerce and advertising sales.
Microsoft has offered $17.50 per share.

security flaw in iphone

Now you can see your friends contacts in iphone even if the iphone is under password protection. Let you explain this Security Flaw;
You can try it but before set your iphone to this condition:
1:Make your iPhone use pass code lock.
2:Have your contacts marked as Favorites with links,addresses,phone numbers and so on in address book entry.
Now you can try;
1:When you see the pass code entry screen, tap "emergency call" from keypad.
2:Tap two times on home button.
3:Now if you tap blue arrow next to contact name.
Now You will get full access to the iphones applications like safari, sms, GPS, contact lists. Really a big security flaw for business people. I think many people have reported about this security flaw to Apple. So, Apple will fix this soon.

Kaspersky Lab launches new anti-virus and Internet security products in the Mideast

Kaspersky a leading developer of security products for both home users and commercial users has released its new version of Security products in the middle east for home users which enables users to protect form all types of security threats.

Let us review the product. Version 2009 Security products combine the kaspersky antivirus engine with improved scanning speeds and new cutting edge technology HIPS. This new feature (HIPS) enables to find and block new malicious programs before the virus program signatures are added to the database. So more security to the PC, Isn't it.

The new products from Kaspersky lab; Kaspersky antivirus 2009 and Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 are developed based on the latest technology.

Kaspersky Internet Security is incorporated with a new application activity filtration module which makes use of HIPS technology , Integrated Firewall and proactive defence module.

The Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 has a special feature of Identifying Trusted applications. First the unknown application is subjected to various complex analysis then assign a security rating to that application. This rating determines the level of access to operation system, system resources, Network, Files, confidential data and system drives. By using this system the application can be run by users safely protecting from infection since it cannot deliver its payload.

This product architecture do not consume more system resources and this is the security product which uses lowest system resources with out degrading your system's performance . Although it uses lowest resources, but generates high productivity.

The kaspersky 2009 version products create secure environment to user's system by monitoring applications including unsecured WI-FI networks, ICQ traffic, insecure websites and msn.

The new antivirus engine incorporated into the 2009 version of kaspersky products are more effective in finding malicious programs than its predecessor.

New version of kaspersky products will prevent theft of confidential data transferring via secure connections like HTTP, SSL. It can also remove traces of users internet activity like cookies, temporary files.

Kaspersky products also include virtual keyboard which enables you to enter usernames and passwords safely.

Firewall, Parental control module,heuristic analyzer and anti-spam module have been enhanced and upgraded. Kaspersky products are compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the operating system.