Boot and run Windowsxp from a pen drive


When virus infection or windows registry error occurs ,It makes your system unbootable.In such a case it is useful for you which is replacement for windows operating system.
BARTPE is a free utility which will give you complete WIN32 environiment with network support a graphical user interface and FAT/NTFS/CDFS File System Support.
Do not confuse BartPE with Microsoft's Official Windows PE. BartPE has got some interesting features as compared to Windows PE and it's a freeware.

Requirements to install BartPE:
<1>USB Flash drive with at least 256 MB of storage capacity.
<2>The files from your Windows Installation CD-Rom.

How It Works :
1.PE Builder, condenses the original setup data for Windows XP into a slender operating system that is ready to run from or a USB flash drive.
2.This compact, portable version of Windows includes all the important system tools for dealing with a PC emergency.
3.You can even add other programs to this collection, such as the media writing tool Nero Burning ROM or an anti-spyware package such as Ad-Aware SE Personal, during the installation process.

Steps Involved :
1.Download the latest PE Builder version (self-installing package) and install it.
Start PE Builder (pebuilder.exe) and insert Microsoft Windows XP installation/setup CD, it will condense the setup files into your pen drive.
2.At the main PE Builder dialog, select the "Pen Drive" option. Hit the "build" button. PE Builder will now ask you to create a BartPE directory, answer with "yes".
PE Builder will now start building BartPE. This will take a few minutes. You will see a lot of files getting copied and/or decompressed, into your pen drive. If the data verify was correct and there where no errors reported you can boot the Pen Drive.


Now it is easy to boot and run linux from a pen drive.But it requires a
1.1GB pen drive
3.USBDSL.ZIP file.
These are the requirements for booting and running linux from a pen drive.
The main advantages of running of linux from a pen drive is as follows:
1:It enables to run linux on any computer you like that can run from a flash drive.
2:IT allows you to carry online mails,settings,favorites and many more with you.
3:You can carry it anywhere and run on any system that supports usb.
Now comes to running Linux on a computer or pc
1:Format your usb pen drive using HP usb format tool
2:Download from internet.It is a mini linux called dammn small linux
3:Extract the contents of USBDSL.ZIP contents into your usb pen drive and
4:browse to your pen drive and click on "MAKEBOOT.exe".
5:Follow the instructions on the screen.
6:Reboot your computer and set your BIOS to boot from USB-HDD or USB-ZIP,
also set the boot priority if necessary.

<1>The necessary point is when your mother board doesnot support usb boot feature then you will not be able to boot linux from usb drive.
<2>your system should support .NET FRAMEWORK