Kaspersky Lab launches new anti-virus and Internet security products in the Mideast

Kaspersky a leading developer of security products for both home users and commercial users has released its new version of Security products in the middle east for home users which enables users to protect form all types of security threats.

Let us review the product. Version 2009 Security products combine the kaspersky antivirus engine with improved scanning speeds and new cutting edge technology HIPS. This new feature (HIPS) enables to find and block new malicious programs before the virus program signatures are added to the database. So more security to the PC, Isn't it.

The new products from Kaspersky lab; Kaspersky antivirus 2009 and Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 are developed based on the latest technology.

Kaspersky Internet Security is incorporated with a new application activity filtration module which makes use of HIPS technology , Integrated Firewall and proactive defence module.

The Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 has a special feature of Identifying Trusted applications. First the unknown application is subjected to various complex analysis then assign a security rating to that application. This rating determines the level of access to operation system, system resources, Network, Files, confidential data and system drives. By using this system the application can be run by users safely protecting from infection since it cannot deliver its payload.

This product architecture do not consume more system resources and this is the security product which uses lowest system resources with out degrading your system's performance . Although it uses lowest resources, but generates high productivity.

The kaspersky 2009 version products create secure environment to user's system by monitoring applications including unsecured WI-FI networks, ICQ traffic, insecure websites and msn.

The new antivirus engine incorporated into the 2009 version of kaspersky products are more effective in finding malicious programs than its predecessor.

New version of kaspersky products will prevent theft of confidential data transferring via secure connections like HTTP, SSL. It can also remove traces of users internet activity like cookies, temporary files.

Kaspersky products also include virtual keyboard which enables you to enter usernames and passwords safely.

Firewall, Parental control module,heuristic analyzer and anti-spam module have been enhanced and upgraded. Kaspersky products are compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the operating system.

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