Impacts of Computer Technology on Society

Computer has made a very vital impact on our society.It has changed the way of life.The use of computer technology has affected every field of life.people are using computer for performing different tasks quickly and easily. The use of computer makes different tasks easier. It saves a lot of time and effort.It also reduces overall cost to complete a task.

Many organizations are using computer for keeping the records of their customers.Banks are using computer for maintaining accounts and managing financial transactions. Banks are also providing the facility of online banking. The customers can check their account balance using the Internet. They can also make financial transactions online. The transactions are handled easily and quickly with computerized systems.

People are using computers for paying their bills. They are getting information from the Internet. They are also using computers to manage their home budgets etc.

Computer can be used in education field to improve teaching and learning process. Computer is used in colleges to provide the methods of teaching in different ways. It is used to educate the students effectively. Many computer-based educational programs are available. The students can learn to read, to count and to speak a foreign language. Many educational games are becoming very popular among students.

Moreover, the computer is being used in every field of life such as medical, business, industry, airline and weather forecasting.

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