Dell Studio Mike Ming Art Editions

Dell known for its Notebooks have launched its new Artistic design Notebooks. The Notebooks comes in 5 special designs.These 5 designs include :

  • Sunburst

  • Red Swirl

  • Seaweed

  • Sea Sky

  • Bunch O Surfers

  • for the Dell Studio 15 and 17 laptops.

These designs are created by created by Brooklyn based 'urban artist Mike Ming'. Dell with its revolutionary manufacturing technique has made each artwork and brush stokes to be permanently tattooed on the Laptops cover. Really amazing, Dell proved once again that he is the competitor for the new generation laptops.
Features such as standard built-in web cam, slot load drives, capacitive touch media control buttons and back lit keyboards ,optional mercury-free LED displays and built-in mobile broadband.1 are included. Again Dell came with the personalize Notebooks.

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