Samsung X360 Ultra-Light Notebook

Samsung is known for its electronic goods. It has released its new Notebook Samsung X360. You may ask what is new with this Notebook, It will be another notebook comming from samsung. If you think ask like that, Here is the answer.

The Samsung X360 Notebook weight is 1.27 kg which is less than the Apple's MacBook Air. This is an ultra-light notebook and has powerful features. It is powered by Intel Centrino 2 ULV Processor,120 GB hard drive,4 GB of Ram,HDMI connection which replaces dvd/cd writer (but it is not a problem since you can connect it to HDMI connector),1.3 megapixel camera,7-in-1 cardreader,bluetooth,wi-fi.

The cost of this Ultra-light notebook varies from $2000 to $3000 depending upon configuration you select

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