Apple sold 8 million iPhones

Apple sold 8 million iphones

Apple's CEO Steve Jobs wants to sell 10 million iPhones this year, already 8 million iphone's has hit the market and users has grabbed them. But still 4 months to go for the  end of this year (2008) . Investor Village's sanity board and AFB claims that Apple has already sold 8 million iphones.
We should see whether the Dream of Steve Jobs will be like a dream or become true.
The project taken by AFB and Investor's Village's sanity  has done this in the following way.They records IMEI numbers of evey iPhone sold on a spread sheet.According to the data stored in spread sheet, they confirmed that 5,649,000 iphone 3G have been sold, the remaining 2.4 million iphones have already been sold this year.

Totally 8 million iphones have been sold. I think another 2 million would be possible in the next 4 months.

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