latest gadget-Google Chrome is atlast released on september 2008

latest gadget-Google chrome released

latest gadget-Google chrome is atlast released

Many websurfers are waiting for google new free open source browser google chrome.
Google has released its new open source browser Chrome on September 2008. The screen shot of Google chrome looks like above.

I have used Google Chrome by downloading from Google's website. I think the choice of downloading Chrome is better idea. It is a open source browser.

When we open the browser it loads fast compared to other browsers like Firefox,IE7. Then webpages are loaded fast. Google Chrome is light weight, it downloads files fast, Easy to use and its open source so you can expect more.

I think using Google Chrome is a great experiance. Its looking stylish also. This browser have entered into the competition with the present browsers like Firefox,IE7,Netscape,Safari. Chrome will get popular in a few days.

Disabilities or bugs are not discovered till now. But Some one will find a bug.

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