How to Convert Any Video into Mobile Video

Total Video Converter

Mobile phones are becoming necessory for our life. It seems it is a basic need of everybody just like other basic necessities food water and air. Mobile videos are very interesting and entertaining part of mobiles. Everybody wants to have latest video songs in their mobile. The problem is now here that those songs available in CD's are in MPEG format, WMA format and DAT format etc. Now mobile phones don't support that format but they support 3gp format, mp4 format and avi format etc.

The question arises how to convert MPEG, WMA, DAT format into 3gp, avi , mp4 formats. The answer is Total Video Converter. It allows its user to convert any type of video format to any other type of video format. We can get our desirable format like 3gp or avi etc. It is simple in its operation and provides the facility to change the bit rates of songs. It also allows frequency changes. Moreover it give 3 quality options i.e low quality( songs occupy less space in mobile) , Moderate quality (songs occupy medium space) and high quality (songs occupy more space).

Not only it is useful for mobile phones but you can also convert somgs and play them on ipod.

You can get Total Video Converter here.

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