Coolest gadget-How to Convert Real Media File to Mp3 file

Coolest gadget-Converting real media file to mp3 file

Convert real media file to mp3 file

Majority of the websites are now providing the facility to download free songs from their site. It’s good because it is just free . Who will not love free things. The songs are in real media (RM) format. These can be played only in real player or the audio players which support real medial files but what if you don’t have real media supported audio player. You just have your traditional Windows media player , allowing you to only play mp3 files.

The solution is Total Audio Converter which will allow you to convert those real media (RM) files to mp3 format so you can enjoy the coll songs on your media player. It allows you to set a frequency and channel. It will also provide the options of bit rates setting. It is also very simple operation. No Worries. You can get it Total Audio converter. You can visit their Total Audio Converter.

You can also convert any type of file format to any other type like mp3, Wave, flac, ogg, ape and much more.

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