latest gadgets-Bose Sound Dock Series II Digital Music System for iPod and iPhone

New Bose Sound Dock Series II Digital Music System for iPod and iPhone

Another sound dock system for ipod and iphone is released into the market by Bose. If you don't know About Bose Corporation, You should know about it. So, i am giving an explanation about it.
Bose founded in 1964 by Dr.Amar G.Bose. He is working as professors at Massachusetts Institute of Technology when he founded this company. The company is works on research in acoustics. The company worked to improve performance of Loud speakers,Home entertainment systems, automotive sound systems, noise reducing headsets for public and pilots. It is also working with a new approach in production of sound to the musicians. Well if you don't know about company this will be helpful

Bose introduced its sound dock series 2 digital music system for iphone and ipod.This new system with the same small size of the previous version has enhanced look and added functionality.It gives high quality of performance as the original sound dock system.

Another important thing is it is certified sound dock system for iphone.

This system have new auxiliary input which supports mp3 players,cd players,music enabled phone to connect to this dock. It provides charging capability to your iphone or ipod even when they are playing.A infrared remote control controls ipod and iphone functions like repeating the song or video,changing to next tract and so on.

This dock system works with iphone 3g ,original iphone.It also works with all types of ipods. The price is estimated as $299

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