Nokia N85 Mobile Phone to hit stores in October 2008

nokia n85

Nokia is grabbing its viewers on it because in this year Nokia is releasing many models many in its N-series segment. Nokia announced N96 and N79 previously, now many folks are comming about release of Nokia N85.Its a multimedia computing featuring phone with size of 2.6 inch. The added feature for this phone is battery saving OLED Display.

Comparing N85 and N79 most features are same.These features include integrated FM transmitter, 5 mpx digital camera, Wi-Fi support and HSDPA as well as 10 pre-loaded N-Gage games.It will differ in display technology,enhancements like when the phone is kept in landscape mode the gaming keys will glow.With the camera in N85 you can shoot video at 30 fps.N85 is given 8 GB MicroSd Memory card.

Nokia N85 have built-in FM trnsmitter,3.5 audio jack

N85 price tag will be 450 euros

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